How to Buy Cheap Train Tickets

At Travel Geeks we often get asked ‘How do I buy Cheap Train Tickets?’ and ‘Do Cheap Train Tickets really exist?’

Well, it’s easy to buy Cheap Train Tickets when you know how and so yes, they do really exist, you just need to know a few golden rules about how to find them!

Here are our tops tips…

Train Tickets

Book in advance – ‘advance’ actually means any timeĀ  before 6pm the day before you travel. Gone are the days where the only way you could buy a cheap ticket was to buy an apex ages before you were due to travel. Today you can buy an advanced ticket anytime between 12 weeks ahead of your journey and the day before up to 6pm. Of course, advance tickets (particularly the ones at the best prices) are limited so the earlier you get in the more choice of advance tickets you will have.

Book Online - in the olden’ days the only way you could get a Cheap Train Ticket was by going to the train station and badgering the ticket desk people with specific questions about the journey you wanted to take. You could only find the cheapest tickets if you asked the right questions and if you were there 12 weeks in advance! Luckily the world of train ticket booking has changed since then and it’s a lot easier, quicker and more convenient to find and book cheaper tickets. By using websites like Rail Easy or thetrainline you can find a train ticket to any destination in the UK and you can see the different tickets available and the different prices depending on the ticket you want. And the best thing is you don’t have to stand in a queue to wait to speak to a person in a ticket booth who will only tell you the information you want to know if you ask the right question!

Specify your travel time – buying open returns is going to cost you the most money so instead select a time for travelling back and try and make it off-peak too.

Look at alternative times – travelling at peak time doesn’t really fall under the ‘Cheap Train Ticketcategory as it’s going to cost the most amount of money. However, you can travel on the first trains of the day that although they are still ‘peak’ trains can sometimes be cheaper than the ones at a more reasonable time in the morning.

Buy two singles – buying two singles is often, but not always, cheaper than a return. Virgin trains automatically displays the cost of its singles whereas thetrainline by default displays the cost of a return with a big yellow banner directing you to the single ticket prices. Make sure you click on the banner to see the price of the singles as it can be cheaper.

Cheap Train Tickets do exist and they aren’t that hard to find, you just need to use these golden rules!

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